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Morgan Stanley Reserved Living & Giving is a complimentary program that rewards eligible clients of Morgan Stanley and E*TRADE. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC ("Morgan Stanley") reserves the right in its discretion to change the terms and conditions of, or terminate, the Reserved Living & Giving ("Reserved") program and the Signature Access program at any time and without notice. Morgan Stanley periodically reviews Reserved and Signature Access program participants' accounts and activity and may in its discretion remove program participants from either program at any time and without notice.

To qualify for the Reserved program on a complimentary basis, a client must either (a) maintain $1,000,000 in Eligible Assets and Liabilities1 in a Nonretirement Account(s)2 at Morgan Stanley or (b) be an E*TRADE Platinum or Private Client and maintain $1,000,000 in Eligible Assets and Liabilities at E*TRADE Securities LLC, E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC, E*TRADE Futures LLC, and/or Morgan Stanley Private Bank, National Association (collectively "E*TRADE"). Assets held in a Retirement Account(s)3 are not considered Eligible Assets and do not count towards your qualification for the Reserved program. Non-U.S. residents with only E*TRADE accounts are currently not eligible. To qualify for Signature Access on a complimentary basis, a client's household must have and maintain $10,000,000 in Eligible Assets and Liabilities in a Nonretirement Account(s) at Morgan Stanley. Assets held in a Retirement Account(s) are not considered Eligible Assets and do not count towards your qualification for the Signature Access program. Additionally, from time to time, Morgan Stanley may invite clients, who do not otherwise qualify, to participate in either or both of these programs based on a number of qualitative factors as determined by Morgan Stanley in its discretion, including (but not limited to) the client's longevity with Morgan Stanley and/or E*TRADE, number of accounts, usage of tools, fees paid (excluding Retirement Account fees) and other factors.

Neither Morgan Stanley nor its affiliates shall be responsible for, and do not represent, products or product providers. The manufacturer's warranty, if any, applies to all applicable merchandise offered. The actual merchandise available through the program may vary from pictures and descriptions that have been made available to you. All merchandise is subject to availability. See the details of each of the partner offers for specific partner terms and conditions.

Please be advised by clicking on a third party URL or hyperlink, you will leave Neither Morgan Stanley nor its affiliates monitors any information contained within the third party web site. Neither Morgan Stanley nor its affiliates is responsible for the information contained on the third party web site or your use of or inability to use such site. Neither Morgan Stanley nor its affiliates guarantees their accuracy and completeness.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you are automatically opted in to receive periodic marketing emails and communications about your Reserved benefits from Morgan Stanley Reserved Living & Giving.

You may choose to opt out of Reserved marketing emails by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of all Reserved marketing emails and through the Reserved client website. This will apply to Reserved marketing communications only.

Any changes to your contact information or additional information provided through the Reserved client website will not be used to update your Morgan Stanley or E*TRADE account profile or financial records. In order to have these changes, such as an updated email address or name change, apply to your Morgan Stanley or E*TRADE account profile or financial records, please contact your Financial Advisor, and for your E*TRADE account, please contact your Financial Consultant.

You represent that you have not received directly or indirectly any advice or recommendation from Morgan Stanley or any of its affiliates, or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents or third-party in choosing the Reserved providers. You further represent that you have made and will continue to make your own independent evaluations of the service and Reserved providers, including but not limited to the security of the data in the possession, custody or control of the Reserved providers. You acknowledge that you are accepting all risks resulting from the service and the Reserved providers, including but not limited to all usernames, passwords, credit card data and other information which you have provided or will provide to the Reserved providers.

Morgan Stanley is a diversified financial services company with individual clients, and corporations, institutions and governmental clients in countries around the world. Morgan Stanley enters into a variety of business relationships for which either Morgan Stanley receives compensation, or pays for services, and such business relationships may include any named Service Provider, its employees or agents, or companies affiliated with the Service Providers herein.

Not all offers are available to non-US resident clients.

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1 Eligible Assets and Liabilities generally include the following: Cash, Equities, Bonds, CDs, Alternative Investments (including Managed Futures), Unit Investment Trusts, Exchange-Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, 529 Plans, Insurance, Annuities, outstanding balances on securities based loans (including Margin, Non-Purpose Margin, and Liquidity Access Line), and certain mortgage loans made by an affiliate of Morgan Stanley. Not all assets or liabilities are considered Eligible Assets and Liabilities for purposes of either the Reserved program or the Signature Access program.

2 Nonretirement Account means a brokerage, advisory or bank account other than a Retirement Account.

3 Retirement Account means a brokerage, advisory or bank account that is an Individual Retirement Account ("IRA"), a Roth IRA, a Coverdell Education Savings Account, an account maintained for an employee benefit plan covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (“ERISA"), or an account maintained for a qualified retirement plan described in section 4975(e)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the "Code").

Reserved Living & Giving Disclosures:

Morgan Stanley, its affiliates, Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors and Private Wealth Advisors, and E*TRADE Financial Consultants do not provide tax or legal advice. Clients should consult their tax advisor for matters involving taxation and tax planning and their attorney for legal matters.

Signature Access Disclosures:

Morgan Stanley, Private Wealth Management, or its affiliates do not currently offer services provided by these firms. "Service Providers" are not an affiliate of Morgan Stanley or its affiliates. Any review of the Service Providers performed by Morgan Stanley or its affiliates was based on information from sources that we believe are reliable but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. This referral should in no way be considered to be a solicitation by Morgan Stanley or its affiliates for business on behalf of the Service Providers, or an endorsement of the Service Providers by Morgan Stanley or its affiliates. Neither Morgan Stanley, nor its affiliates makes any representations regarding the appropriateness or otherwise of the products or services provided by the Service Providers. There may be additional service providers who offer this service, and you may wish to identify such other providers for comparative purposes. If you choose to contact the Service Providers, we recommend that you interview such Service Providers, do thorough due diligence, and make your own independent decision. Morgan Stanley and its affiliates will not receive a referral fee for referring you to the Service Providers.

Participating Reserved partner offers are subject to change.

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