What is Reserved Living & Giving?

Reserved Living & Giving is a complimentary loyalty program for eligible Morgan Stanley clients designed to enhance their lifestyle and go beyond traditional wealth management services. The program provides access to exclusive offers and discounts from premium and emerging brands, timely articles from Morgan Stanley thought leaders and partners, and philanthropic inspiration.

Who qualifies for Reserved Living & Giving?

To qualify for Reserved at no cost, a client's household must have and maintain $1MM in Eligible Assets and Liabilities or have paid at least $10,000 in annual managed fees/commissions (Compensable Revenue). Annual managed fees/commissions paid is generally defined as revenue generated in fee-based accounts and commissions generated in non-fee-based accounts, and is calculated on a rolling 12-month basis. Not all revenue is included. Morgan Stanley reserves the right to exclude certain items of revenue at its sole discretion.

What are the benefits of Reserved Living & Giving?

Once enrolled on this website, Reserved clients can access benefits such as best-in-class providers of travel planning, luxury vehicles, food and wine, health and wellness services as well as retail, services and gifts.

The exciting Insights & Inspiration section of the website contains exclusive content on topics including family finances, healthy aging, travel, and philanthropic ideas to help clients and their families engage in giving.

The offers and guidance featured on the Reserved Living & Giving website are regularly updated to meet the needs and preferences of our valued clients.

How can Reserved Living & Giving benefits be extended to family members?

Reserved Living & Giving benefits are extended to your eligible family members as long as the accounts are all properly householded together. Householding policies are periodically reviewed to ensure that they are consistent with policies and procedures and regulatory rules. Contact your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor to learn more.

What is a household?

The Firm has defined a household as a straight, linear generation. Currently, the eligible relationships are as follows:

Eligible Household Relationships1
- Self
- Spouse
- Son
- Daughter
- Parent
- Grandchild
- Son-in-Law
- Daughter-in-Law
- Grandparent
- Domestic partner (requires same address as Head of Household)

1Eligible relationships are relative to the Head of Household.

Households are evaluated weekly to verify they meet the minimum in eligible assets and liabilities or managed fees/commissions paid. Contact your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor to learn more.

How do I enroll on the Reserved Living & Giving website if I am a Reserved client?

Morgan Stanley Online Users
1. Log in to Morgan Stanley Online
2. Click on the Reserved Living & Giving banner on the homepage
3. Create a password

Prefer to enroll on the Reserved Living & Giving website?

Contact your Financial Advisor and request your unique code so you can enroll on this website. Or, call the Service Center at 1-877-799-6772 and request that they send you your unique code so you can enroll on this website.

Will the Reserved Living & Giving partner offers change?

Participating Reserved Living & Giving partner offers are subject to change and new Reserved partner offers will be regularly added to the program. Visit the Reserved Living & Giving website often for updated offers and experiences made available exclusively for Reserved Living & Giving clients.

How long do I have to redeem these offers?

Each offer has an expiration date. Please go to the specific Reserved Living & Giving partners for the services or products that interest you to get expiration dates and other details on terms and conditions.

How do I take advantage of the MSReserved automotive offers?

After logging in to www.msreserved.com, click on the offer for the manufacturer you want. Then click on "Redeem Now" and follow the instructions on the page, filling in all required information and then submit the form. You will receive a certificate or PIN code that can be used at the dealership to realize the discount. NOTE: Average wait time to receive a PIN or certificate is 1-2 hours; but some offers can take up to 2 business days to process.

Can I get someone else a certificate for a car purchase?

MSReserved automotive offers are good for anyone in the household; As long as the information in the offer request matches the person purchasing the vehicle there should be no problems with helping family members take advantage of the offers.

How do I find out about current pricing on the car discounts?

Most of the car offers have current pricing outlined on the specific offer pages at www.msreserved.com. NOTE: offers can vary by month, so please make sure you are looking at the current pricing list. If there is a question, email msreserved-offers@senseimarketing.com.

Is the discount in addition to other promotions that may be occurring at the time?

This varies by brand:
- BMW/MINI: The discount is addition to any other promotions in the market — but is not combinable with the BMW Owner Loyalty Program
- Mercedes-Benz: It is the MBUSA Fleet discount and should ensure best price in the market, but cannot be combined with other fleet discount offers.
- Lexus: The certificate amount is in addition to any other promotions in the market
- Jaguar/Land Rover: The incentive amount is in addition to other promotions in the market
- Volvo: Set pre-negotiated "A-Plan" pricing (essentially the Volvo employee price)

The car offers are not combinable with other similar program offers. In other words you cannot combine other employee or partner programs; you would need to choose one or the other.

Are there any additional fees to receive these benefits?

There is no cost to enroll. You can then decide to take advantage of any of the special offers you like.

Is any of my information shared with participating Reserved Living & Giving partners?

Morgan Stanley does not share any client information with any Reserved Living & Giving partner. However, should you decide to redeem Reserved Living & Giving partners' offers, it will be necessary to share certain personal information so that the participating brands can grant you special codes, pricing or discounts that are part of the program.

Is there a rewards/Reserved Living & Giving card that I would show to receive discounts/special offers with these Reserved Living & Giving partners?

No, there is no card associated with Reserved Living & Giving. To receive discounts or offers, simply review each specific Reserved Living & Giving partner offer for information on how you can redeem it.

Does Morgan Stanley participate in any expense sharing with the Reserved Living & Giving partners?

Partners may be asked to contribute all or a portion of the overhead expenses associated with including the Partner's products and services in the program as a factor in the decision to participate in the program. Partners may also be given the opportunity to contribute financially in exchange for increased offer/brand exposure on the program website, communications or events.

How do I find a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor?

Signature Access

What is Signature Access?

Signature Access provides Lifestyle Advisory services for the most affluent families. We provide introductions to carefully vetted, experienced professionals who provide an extensive variety of services to help contain costs, mitigate risks, and enhance your overall enjoyment of life. Signature Access offerings include:
- Travel & Concierge Services
- Health & Security Advisory
- Personal Enrichment
- Tangible Asset Management
- Financial Administration

Who qualifies for Signature Access services?

To qualify for Signature Access, you must have and maintain $10M or more in assets or liabilities with the firm.

What does Signature Access offer clients?

  • Concierge Advisory Services - Access knowledgeable professionals across 20 areas including personal security, art advisory, private health advisory, and more. Our concierge partners can also accommodate tickets for last minute or sold out events.

  • Exclusive Discounts - In addition to the over 50 premium brands including luxury automotive brands, travel experiences, and entertainment services through Reserved Living & Giving, you can also access additional offers for our most affluent clients through SALA.

  • Curated Insights - Explore articles from industry thought leaders on topics of interest ranging from private aviation to art investing.

How is Signature Access different from Reserved Living and Giving?

Reserved Living and Giving offers curated lifestyle content and discounts from over 50 premium brands including luxury automotive brands, travel experiences, and entertainment services.

Signature Access provides enhanced offers for a more affluent lifestyle, additional content and concierge services.

In addition to the exclusive discounts and content available to you through Reserved Living & Giving, Signature Access offers a wide range of Concierge Advisory services made available through our Family Office Resources group.

Are Signature Access services offered through a third party?

Yes. We have identified top rated partners in order to deliver the world class services to our most valued clients.

Morgan Stanley conducts a comprehensive due diligence review of each new partner and does not share any personal information from our clients with partners with explicit consent.

How do I take advantage of the Concierge Advisory services?

Reach out to your Financial Advisor to express which services you are most interested in. Your Financial Advisor will share your request with our Lifestyle Advisory Specialist and connect you with the appropriate professionals.

Does Signature Access offer restaurant reservations?

Signature Access is unfortunately unable to provide dinner reservations. However, we are able to secure tickets to last minute or sold out events including sporting matches, theater productions, concerts and fashion shows.

What type of tangible asset management services are offered through Signature Access?

We offer a wide range of customizable solutions, including but not limited to Aircraft Advisory, Art Advisory, Home Advisory (including recruitment of household staff), Real Estate Services, Property and Casualty Services, and Yacht Advisory.

Are all the Signature Access services complimentary?

No. The vendors may offer preferred pricing but the services are not free.

Do Financial Advisors benefit from any of the Concierge Advisory Services offered through third party partners?

None of the Concierge Advisory partners share any revenue with Financial Advisors or the Firm.

Based upon certain Reserved Living & Giving partners' agreements, Morgan Stanley may receive a portion of the overhead expenses associated with including the Partner's products and services in the Program.

How do I access the Signature Access landing page?

From Morgan Stanley Online:
If you are on the Morgan Stanley Online website, click on the Reserved Living & Giving link in the top navigation bar.

From Reserved Living & Giving website:
Click on the "Offers" link in the top navigation bar and you will see "Signature Access" in the dropdown menu.

From email:
If you have received an email invitation from Signature Access, click on the "Start Here" button to be directed to the home page and login using your Reserved Living & Giving credentials.

Do I have to enroll in Signature Access in order to take advantage of the services?

You can access some of the benefits through your Financial Advisors, but would need to enroll to access the Signature Access page and see all of the offers and content.

  • You can log in through you MSO accounts (click the Reserved Living & Giving banner to get to the Reserved site)

  • Or go to the Reserved site (msreserved.com), click "enroll" and enter an email we have on file for you in the "get code" area.

Where do I go if I have more questions about Signature Access?

What is NEXT?

Our NEXT program is especially curated to help our community of young investors and inheritors discover new insights, connect with peers, and take action towards their impact goals. NEXT members will also enjoy Reserved or Signature Access benefits, depending on their eligibility.

Who qualifies for NEXT?

The NEXT program is designed for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management clients between 21-35 years of age who qualify for Signature Access.

Where do I go if I have more questions about NEXT?

Reserved Living & Giving Disclosures:

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC ("Morgan Stanley"), its affiliates and Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors and Private Wealth Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. Clients should consult their tax advisor for matters involving taxation and tax planning and their attorney for matters involving trust and estate planning, charitable giving, philanthropic planning and other legal matters.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC reserves the right to change or terminate the Reserved program at any time and without notice. Reserved program participants accounts and activity are reviewed periodically to confirm that they continue to qualify for this program.

Participating Partner Offers are subject to change.

Signature Access Disclosures:

Morgan Stanley, Private Wealth Management, or its affiliates ("Firm") do not currently offer services provided by these firms. "Service Providers" are not an affiliate of the Firm. Any review of the Service Providers performed by the Firm was based on information from sources that we believe are reliable but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. This referral should in no way be considered to be a solicitation by the Firm for business on behalf of the Service Providers, or an endorsement of the Service Providers by the Firm. The Firm makes no representations regarding the appropriateness or otherwise of the products or services provided by the Service Providers. There may be additional service providers who offer this service, and you may wish to identify such other providers for comparative purposes. If you choose to contact the Service Providers, we recommend that you interview such Service Providers, do thorough due diligence, and make your own independent decision.

The Firm will not receive a referral fee for referring you to the Service Providers. The Firm is a diversified financial services company with millions of individual clients, and corporations, institutions and governmental clients in several countries around the world. The Firm routinely enters into a variety of business relationships for which either the Firm receives compensation, or pays for services, and such business relationships may include the named Service Provider, its employees or agents, or companies affiliated with the Service Providers.

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