Getting the Most from Our Travel Partners

By Kathy Reilly, founder and CEO of Lifestyle Advisory

I was lucky enough this year to have traveled extensively for business and leisure and relied on the experience, access and special offers from many of the Reserved travel partners. Through them, I have saved countless hours and dollars and have been introduced to great destinations and accommodations that might have gone overlooked.

Since our travel section is one of our most robust (and most popular! ) areas on our site, I thought I would give you my insight on how best to leverage the experience of some of our top travel partners.

Andrew Harper

Andrew Harper

For when you really want unbiased insight into luxury destinations and properties

Having been a member of Andrew Harper for many years, I have come to rely on them for great unbiased insight into up-and-coming properties as well as venerable resorts. I eagerly await my Hideaway Report each month and marvel at their far-reaching coverage of all sorts of destinations. They are wonderful at providing the real scoop on each profiled property, from the condition of the rooms to the caliber of service and food.

Their deep knowledge, honed by years of traveling anonymously to mystery-shop the properties, results in a very candid look at properties that can help cut through the hype. While they can certainly book luxury chain resorts, they really excel at finding the smaller boutique properties that really enable you to have a sense of place.

Villas of Distinction (VOD)

Villas of Distinction

For when you need some guidance on private accommodations and destinations for a larger group

While VOD can certainly help find you a love nest for two, I find them particularly great at helping to home in on the destinations and accommodations that will cater to a larger group’s agenda. Whether a multi-generation family get-together to mark a milestone or friends gathering to celebrate a holiday, VOD can help you find the right destination and villa for your group. Additionally, the top-notch concierge service will really help you pull together all the logistical aspects, from finding a private chef to arranging food and wine in the resort to having bikes waiting upon your arrival.

While there are other resources to help find villas, working with Villas of Distinction’s vetted list of properties and in-house team to guide you ensures that you will find exactly the right fit for your stay.

Abercrombie & Kent

Crystal Cruises

For when you want every detail of a complicated itinerary flawlessly planned

There is no pocket of the globe left unexplored by the luxury travel operation Abercrombie & Kent. With destinations in Antarctica, Africa, India, global tours by private jet and the ability to customize your own dream journey, Abercrombie & Kent is one of the most renowned travel providers in the world. They have an exhaustive selection of existing travel itineraries for you to take advantage of, and their in-house team excels at managing all the point-to-point logistics including all the intra-travel charters, specialty tours, guides and drivers, as well as all of the special touches that make your trip truly memorable.

Crystal Cruises

For when you want to take your vacation to the high seas

One of our newest partners, Crystal Cruises, is renowned for bringing you the world by ocean and rivers on vessels both majestic and intimate. With trips destined for the Northwest, their final voyage through the Artic or their newly launched smaller cruises on yachts, Crystal is known for its attention to detail on every aspect of the onboard experience. Exquisite epicurean experiences are a particular hallmark.



For when you want a vacation that involves more than poolside lounging

One of the great things about Backroads, in addition to its endless list of fantastic trips, is its ability to curate the level of activity to just about every level of ability. For each of their trips, you and your traveling companions can choose just how active you would like to be, everything from a leisurely ride to a gourmet picnic lunch with an afternoon spent poolside or a day of intensive hiking or biking with a beautifully presented gourmet meal as your hard-earned reward. Backroads is an ideal partner to help you plan a family vacation—getting everyone out on bikes and hikes for a trip that will be talked about for years to come!

Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine

For when you want to find a quick and easy solution with the best rates on accommodations

One of our newest partners, Hotel Engine, has quickly become a favorite resource for Reserved members because of its easy-to-use website, member-only access and discounted rates. Ideal for those who are planning their own trips and want to ensure that they are getting the best rates available, Hotel Engine offers a broad range of hotels for every taste, budget and destination and continues to ramp up its global coverage. Their most recent additions are properties in South America.

Wheels Up

Wheels Up

For when only flying privately will do

While I can’t claim to be a member of this exclusive club YET, I have experienced the convenience and privacy that flying privately can offer. Wheels Up is a membership-based private aviation company that significantly reduces the cost of flying privately while providing unparalleled flexibility and service. They are dedicated to perfecting personal service and finding you the absolute right aviation solution for your travel needs, as well as an unparalleled member experience along with a dedicated concierge service.

When you become a member of Wheels Up, you can also participate in the Wheels Down program which provides special invitations and access to extraordinary events like Art Basel, the Superbowl, the Masters and more intimate events with noted figures in business, sports and entertainment.

I encourage you to check out all of our travel partners, including some of our individual hotel partners like The Peninsula, The Pierre and Mandarin Oriental that are committed to bringing you great rates and a wonderful stay!

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