Virtual Events Featuring myGemma

Tune in as leading experts from myGemma, a personal luxury goods resale site, discuss the latest watch and handbag market developments.

Watches as an Asset Class

Hear the latest developments in the watch market and receive guidance on where to invest your money for the best current look and/or best possible return. What might be the next Nautilus or Daytona? Or are you simply looking for a beautiful new timepiece and struggling with so many choices?

Handbags as an Asset Class

Hear the latest developments in the handbag market and their ramifications for the secondhand market. Learn about myGemma's ideas on vintage and modern styles from Hermes, Chanel and other leading brands that should make great investments.

About myGemma is a leading resale site for personal luxury goods. myGemma sources collectible watches, jewelry, handbags and sneakers and makes them available directly to consumers for resale. Whether you are looking for a vintage watch or the latest crocodile Birkin, myGemma has access to (almost) all of your desires.

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