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As the global pioneer in wellness technology, Therabody innovates science-backed solutions designed to help everybody move and feel better. Find devices that help with everything from relieving pain and stress to supercharging your skincare routine. And, of course, discover the product that started it all—Theragun—scientifically-proven to optimize warm-up, mobility and athletic recovery.

Whether you want daily support at home, in the office or on the go, check out Therabody's newest product: RecoveryTherm Cube, a compact, reusable device that delivers instant cold, heat and contrast therapies scientifically proven to treat injuries, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and maximize muscle and joint recovery. Powered by Therabody’s proprietary Cryothermal Technology, Cube’s simple preset treatments use scientifically-optimized temperatures and durations for effective relief and recovery anywhere on the body. Plus, Cube is wearable, portable and convenient for relief anytime you need it.

Get your hands on effective products made by scientists, designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Theragun device

If you’ve never tried one of these guns you just don’t know what you're missing. My body has never felt better and I’ve been getting weekly massages for 15 years. Nirvana is the closest most accurate description I can relay after a session with this product. Totally worth every penny!

– Kristin L.