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Therabody, From the Creators of Theragun

Therabody’s mission is to provide natural wellness solutions to help people feel better and do more of what moves them. In 2007, Dr. Jason Wersland, founder of Theragun, got into a traumatic motorcycle accident that resulted in debilitating muscle and nerve pain. Dr. Jason knew he needed an effective natural solution that he could treat himself with. When he couldn't find one, he created the world's first Theragun Percussive Therapy device. Theragun has now evolved into Therabody, a tech-enabled wellness company that continues to use cutting-edge technology and research to deliver scientifically validated products that offers Theragun Percussive Therapy.

Therabody's newest product release is the TheraFacePRO, an all-in-one solution for optimal facial health. TheraFacePRO goes where no facial device has gone before, bringing Therabody’s renowned technology behind percussive therapy to the face to reduce tension, relax facial muscles, and care for it at the deepest level.

Theragun device

If you’ve never tried one of these guns you just don’t know what you're missing. My body has never felt better and I’ve been getting weekly massages for 15 years. Nirvana is the closest most accurate description I can relay after a session with this product. Totally worth every penny!

– Kristin L.