The Cloud, the Metaverse
and Beyond

Featured Speaker

Prashanth Challa

Head of Wealth Management
Data Security, Morgan Stanley


Jessica Yellin

Award-Winning Political Journalist
and Founder of News Not Noise

Cyber Webinar: The Cloud, the Metaverse and Beyond

In the ever-changing cyber landscape, new technology emerges and, with it, many unknowns. Once futuristic-sounding terms such as Metaverse, Cloud, Crypto and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are now commonplace, but for many, they remain a mystery. How does one enter the Metaverse, where does information go when it’s sent to the Cloud and what exactly is an NFT?

You may be wondering how these intangible buzzwords impact you and the protection of your data and assets. This webinar is your opportunity to find out. Morgan Stanley cybersecurity expert Prashanth Challa will explore these topics and more in conversation with award-winning correspondent Jessica Yellin.

Featured Speaker

Prashanth Challa is Morgan Stanley’s Head of Wealth Management Data Security. He and his team are responsible for the security of sensitive digital data across all Wealth Management networks, applications, hardware and users. Prashanth began his career at the National Security Agency (NSA).


Jessica Yellin is the founder of News Not Noise. Additionally, she is a former chief White House correspondent for CNN and an Emmy, Peabody and Gracie Award winning political correspondent for CNN, ABC and MSNBC.