The World's Finest Handcrafted Pianos

Offer Details

  • $5,000 off the 2022 retail price of a new Steinway Spirio, the first high-resolution player piano from Steinway & Sons. Pricing starts at $113,700 for a Model M (5'7") in Ebony finish.


  • $5,000 off the 2022 retail price of a new Steinway Grand (non-Spirio), the world’s finest acoustic piano. Pricing starts at $80,100 for a Model S (5’1”) in Ebony finish.


  • Reserved members receive an exclusive VIP factory tour with the purchase of the Spirio or non-Spirio Grand pianos.

A Masterpiece of Artistry and Engineering in your Home

Since 1853, Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty and investment value. Because of a dedication to continuous improvement, today's Steinway remains the choice of 9 out of 10 concert artists, and it is the preferred piano of countless musicians, professional and amateur, throughout the world.


With the Steinway Spirio we have the ability to hear performances that have been captured to such a level of nuance that they sound live. It makes a night in with a bottle of fine wine feel like a night out listening to the best pianists in the world. I highly recommend this product to music-lovers that appreciate finely crafted luxury products.