Pre-eminent Health Care Access

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Receive a 25% discount on the set-up fee of a PinnacleCare comprehensive membership as well as special access to purchase a la carte services not available to the public, such as Physician Referral Reports, Facilitated Appointments, Virtual Consultations, Private Health Insurance and Medicare Consultations.

You have a Financial Advisor and other trusted professionals for the important and complex issues in your life; why not for your family's health and wellbeing? When it comes to health care, we often find that we are on our own, turning to personal connections rather than trusted professionals. Knowledge of which doctors are best or where to get the right care for a given illness is too often predicated on biased opinions, limited information, or geography. PinnacleCare, the premier health advisory firm, serves individuals and families connecting them to the world's leading specialists, advising on most medical issues, supporting various medical emergencies and coordinating their interactions with the health care system. In health, when dealing with an illness, in an emergency or while traveling, PinnacleCare offers objective access to some of the best in health care worldwide.

Special Offer: Pandemic Response Program

During this uncertain time, PinnacleCare has the ability to quiet the noise and provide you direct video consult access to some of the country's leading infectious disease experts to get your questions answered. Reach out to learn more so you can feel more in control and can make better informed decisions for your family's medical care. This special program costs $7,500 and includes an expert video consult, weekly email updates, and virtual response support via PinnacleCare's Medical Director team.