Online Wellness & Fitness Sessions

Offer Details:

  • Complimentary 20-min Virtual Wellness Consultation with Master Wellness Coach
  • 50% off your first 30 or 60-minute Personalized Virtual Wellness Session (meditation, yoga, training, Pilates, wellness coaching)

Life-Changing Wellness

Namaste enables people to effectively manage stress and live healthier and happier lives through evidence-based, personalized wellness. Because of its professional team of wellness coaches, and fitness and wellness professionals, Namaste is called upon by high-performing companies, business leaders, celebrities, and families in need of wellness support and services. COVID-19 is changing our world at lightning speed. Your wellbeing is Namaste’s top priority. Empower and take care of yourself in new and different ways with wellness practices that keep you thriving amidst challenging times.


"Namaste Wellness coaching and personalized fitness and wellness sessions have been an invaluable tool for my family and me. Namaste has helped multiple generations of my family manage stress and create healthy routines during this lockdown where all of our usual routines and tools have been disrupted."

- Cristina B.

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