n+ Mercedes Formula One eBikes

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Get $495 off ebikes sitewide, plus free shipping to your door worldwide.

Delivering New Levels of Luxury and Pedigree to Cycling

The team at n+ works with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team and Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team to produce these exclusive bikes.

Drawing upon knowledge from the top echelons of motorsports performance and electric advancements, the Mercedes eBike collection presents one of the most sophisticated ebike ranges on the market. Styling across the range maintains the iconic minimalistic Mercedes-Benz design with concealed batteries and powerful motors, setting it apart from the industry standard. The digital dashboard adds a level of technological sophistication, incorporating a password activated security immobiliser and phone charging functionality with the usual data points (speedometer, battery indicator, range).


I bought a bike at the beginning of the year and believe me, it is worth every dollar. It’s very lightweight, clean and classy.

- Craig S.