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Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

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  • For a limited time only receive 40% off an exclusive package* for Morgan Stanley Reserved members that includes a special infusion of a 17-year aged Bladnoch scotch whisky. This gift-set is handcrafted with our most memorable products

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Delivering Premium Boutique Chocolate Experiences

Established in 2003, Marsatta Chocolate's mission is to make people passionate about bean-to-bar chocolate. Marsatta makes each bar from scratch using the finest cocoa beans and natural, organic ingredients only. With a specialized technique of preparing each hand-crafted chocolate aged over a 6-month period, each chocolate has a velvety smooth texture with deep complex notes.

Gift sets include the following selections:

  • 4-Piece Bladnoch Whisky Infused Bonbons: The ultimate expression of our whisky-infused bonbons, made with a 17-year aged scotch whisky from Bladnoch, this remarkable chocolate is filled with complex notes of caramel and deep chocolate hues, with slightly earthy and peaty overtones. Words cannot truly describe the heavenly bliss of this chocolate on our palates.
  • 12-Piece Chef’s Selection: An assorted 12-piece selection of our most popular flavors including our special flavors for the month.
  • 2 Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Bars: Enjoy the exquisite taste of Marsatta’s famous bean-to-bar chocolates. Aged for over 6 months, and using a proprietary technique to maximize flavor, these are the definition of craftmanship.
  • 6-Piece Caramel Collection: A special chocolate "flight" of caramel-infused chocolates with a twist. We infused various ingredients across the globe from black lava sea salt to ghost pepper salt, made with our homemade caramel recipe.
  • 2 Marsatta Cacao Teas: A unique infusion of fresh cacao with organically sourced tea, for a morning cup of bliss with unique health benefits.

I use Marsatta Chocolate for all my gifting needs! Their services are phenomenal, and we often get thank you calls, saying that these chocolates are so delicious and thoughtful. The storytelling of Marsatta is really impactful.

Neilo H.