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The Best Weighted Blankets for Sleep and Anxiety

The mission at Hush is simple: to help people relax with ease and fall asleep faster. Hush was engineered in Toronto by a symphony of Sleep Specialists and product designers, who spent over 1000 hours crafting the perfect blanket. The science is clear that insomnia and anxiety are linked and becoming more prevalent. The cortisol-reducing effect of a weighted blanket can dramatically reduce these symptoms and help with relaxation. Using special short-threading and advanced weight distribution technology, "Hushlers" describe their experience as a "warm, secure hug that melts the worries from the day away." Discover why Hush is the most (and highest) reviewed blanket on the internet.


Gamechanger! I have tried so many weighted blankets before and nothing compares to my Hush Cooling Blanket – it has become a staple of my nighttime routine. It's the perfect complement to any bed and, honestly, as someone who has struggled with sleep, this thing works. I highly recommend it!

Victoria S.