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Discover Your Most Powerful Self

CorePower Yoga aims to show the world the incredible life-changing things that happen when you root an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, CorePower Yoga believes in working every muscle and every emotion. Their classes, instructors and network of over 200 yoga studios nationwide are there to welcome you when you’re ready for a yoga fitness experience unlike any other. Now, you can enjoy movement in the comfort of your home, with CorePower on-demand. Practice whenever, wherever! Community connection, even at home.

CorePower All Access Membership includes:

  • Unlimited class reservations – at any studio
  • Priority booking (14 days in advance)
  • Invitations to studio events
  • Unlimited CorePower Livestream
  • Unlimited CorePower On-Demand
  • Exclusive retail discounts, in-studio & online
  • No long-term contract

CorePower At Home Membership includes:

  • Unlimited CorePower Livestream
  • Unlimited CorePower Yoga On-Demand
  • No long-term contract
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