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Protect Your Digital Life™  

You lock your doors. You make smart investments. You protect against risk in the physical world. But what about online? BlackCloak serves as your concierge cybersecurity partner, working with you to protect your identity, your reputation, your family, and your finances from cyber risks. The BlackCloak Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform is a holistic solution combining software and services to help high-profile individuals secure privacy, devices, and home networks to get peace of mind and protect your digital life. With BlackCloak you’ll protect what matters most – and your personal Blackcloak specialist will always be just a call, tap, or text away.


After our eCommerce company fell victim to several e-mail and wire transfer hack attempts, we sought out a professional cyber protection firm to safeguard our identities, banking information, and private information. As an Executive Director, I chose BlackCloak for their suite of tools coupled with their high touch approach and have been completely satisfied with our decision months after implementing the solution.

Ted S.