The Health-Wealth Connection

Integrating Health Care Planning into Your Wealth Management Strategy

The landscape of the US health care system is undergoing rapid change with the aging of the baby boomer population, rising health care expenses, complicated reforms, and the complexities of Medicare.

As part of our commitment to you, Morgan Stanley provides accurate, up-to-date information on health care planning and cost-mitigation strategies that can help you safeguard your health, wealth and standard of living. We connect you to resources with the skills, knowledge and networks that help you navigate the evolving medical landscape and incorporate health care needs and expenses into your overall wealth planning strategy.

Health Care Affects Your Financial Future

Do you know how a major illness may affect your personal wealth? It’s never too early to start planning for personal health care costs or the health care needs of loved ones, especially if:

  • You’re concerned about how health care legislation could affect your family
  • You’re struggling with options for accessing the best care
  • You’re uncertain that you have the right health insurance coverage
  • You or a family member is dealing with a complex medical issue or chronic condition
  • You’re responsible for aging parents
  • You have children with special needs

Breaking the ice on the health-wealth conversation helps ensure that you can find, receive and afford the best health care when and where you need it.

Team up with Your Financial Advisor

Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help assess the impact of health care costs on your wealth plan and recommend asset protection strategies. A thorough financial plan that anticipates higher medical costs and unexpected needs before and during retirement might call for:

  • Long-term care insurance, which transfers the financial risk of long-term care expenses to an insurance company and allows you to choose your type of care in the event you or your spouse needs it
  • Trusts, which can save taxes, protect your assets from creditors and provide income without interfering with eligibility for government benefits
  • Annuities, which provide tax-deferred guaranteed income
  • Investment ideas to keep you diversified
  • Advice on how to talk with your adult children and elderly parents about your family’s health needs and wealth plans
With health care a top concern of clients, Morgan Stanley has integrated health care planning into our wealth management strategies.

Harold E. Ford,
Morgan Stanley Managing Director and former US Congressman

Connect with a Health Care Advocate

Professional health advocates or private health advisors can ease the burden of health care planning. Private health advisors are dedicated to coordinating and overseeing the health care experience for your entire family, from insurance assessments to expedited referrals to medical centers of excellence. Since they are not tied to any insurance company or health care institution, private health advisors offer unbiased advice. They can also help you develop a comprehensive, customized health strategy based on your individual needs and personal health issues.

If you are interested in private health care advisory services, PinnacleCare is a leading private health advisory firm that provides unprecedented access to the world’s leading physicians, hospitals, treatments and medical intelligence. Click here to get more information on their services and the special offer for clients enrolled in Reserved Living & Giving.

Advocate for Yourself

Planning for health care costs is a team effort, yet it begins with you. You can take charge by seeking the best financial and health care advice even before you or a loved one is faced with a medical issue.

An Integrated Plan

With health care a top concern of clients, Morgan Stanley has integrated health care planning into our wealth management strategies. We look forward to helping you simplify your health-related decisions in the context of your overall wealth, life and family goals.

The strategies and/or investments discussed in this material may not be appropriate for all investors.

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Since long-term care insurance is medically underwritten, you should not cancel your current policy until your new policy is in force. A change to your current policy may incur charges, fees and costs. A new policy may require a medical exam. Actual premiums may vary from any initial quotation.

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