A New Museum Redefines Art

If a sign of the times ever existed, it's the Museum of Selfies, based in a suburb of Los Angeles. (FYI: California did recently nab an award for the most narcissistic state when it comes to social media.) The interactive pop-up will examine the 40,000-year history of the self-portrait from cavemen paintings to fine art masterpieces to cautionary tales surveying selfie-related accidents. Started by two successful video gamers who operate an LA-based escape room, the exhibit is already ruffling feathers in the art world.

"Anything new in the art world takes time to be accepted."

Once deemed a fad, selfies are now a social epidemic: reportedly over two million of them are uploaded daily. Last year, London's prestigious Saatchi Gallery mounted an exhibit questioning the modern form as art. "Anything new in the art world takes time to be accepted," says Museum of Selfies Cofounder Tommy Honton, defending the celebrity-soaked, self-obsessed culture as another form of photography. After viewing Klimt's reimagined Woman in Gold and da Vinci's Mona Lisa clutching a smartphone with her best Kardashian pout, you'll either be: in the gift shop searching for selfie frames or outside dismissing it all as just another conceit of the me-centric zeitgeist - as you snap a selfie.

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