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Six Popular Travel Trends to Watch

An article by Nicola Shepherd, Founder, The Explorations Company

Over the past years, we have observed some interesting trends in consumer behavior as we emerge from the pandemic. Mindfulness while traveling is increasingly popular, as are authentic and intimate experiences. At the Explorations Company, we believe clients will travel with heightened deliberation and intention, while seeking memorable moments to be savored and appreciated forever.

After a period of self-isolation and introspection, most people are itching to explore and feed their wanderlust.

So, what have travelers been asking for?

Travel with a Purpose. Instead of ticking a box, we are seeing a greater commitment to both the recipient and the donor by choosing to stay at sensitively managed ethical establishments; places where the local communities and, if applicable, wildlife thrive due to careful input and management.

Meaningful Travel. Philanthropically inspired holidays, where part of each vacation includes a visit to a local community, clinic, or school; perhaps becoming involved with a women’s empowerment micro finance project or spending time with scientific researchers. Alternatively, being part of a fundamental leopard, elephant, or lion collaring exercise that will help to reduce human-wildlife conflict or, perhaps, helping with rhino chipping to protect and preserve one of Africa’s ancient and greatest mammal species that is threatened with extinction due to poaching.

Places with a Light Footprint. Chic, Robinson Crusoe-esque destinations, such as a beach holiday or in the jungle, which are typically stylish but eco-friendly, accentuating simplicity.

Carbon-Free Destinations and Activities. This is being requested with greater frequency and, whilst one will require a flight to get there, these holidays will take the form of adventure-style experiences including customized holidays and safaris including walking, horse riding, canoeing, camel trekking, cycling, and sailing.

Private Travel. From private villas for two to a family of six or more; from private yachts to luxury tented camps and lodges includes personal guides and vehicles for you – all these options are so easily achievable! Taking it a step further, we offer private charter flights to get you safely to your end destination. For those who desire, we can also offer an intercontinental private aviation solution where you will board the jet at the nearest home airfield and travel to your final destination with total privacy. All your health and safety documentation are sorted out in advance for you, so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday!

Multi-Generational Travel. More than any other kind of travel, we are seeing a big uptick in multi-generational travel. Grandparents are wanting their grandchildren to see the beauty of the world (and nature in particular) whilst they are still young, rather than having to wait until the time they can afford these vacations themselves. With lockdowns and social distancing being the norm for so many families across the world, time with loved ones has been reduced, withdrawn, or at least limited. More than ever, families are wanting to spend quality time together to makeup for lost time.

How we travel and where we travel has evolved over the past years. From smaller, more curated experiences to an increasing number of private transportation options, the travel industry is innovating to meet the shifting needs of our clients and we hope you join us on this journey!

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