Six Most Popular Travel Trends Post COVID-19

An article by Nicola Shepherd, Founder, The Explorations Company

Following Chad Bolick’s article on the Future of Travel after COVID, we have observed some interesting trends in consumer behaviour as we gently emerge from the pandemic. Mindfulness while traveling is increasingly popular, as are authentic and intimate experiences. At the Explorations Company, we believe clients will travel less frequently but with heightened deliberation and intention, while seeking memorable moments to be savoured and appreciated forever.

After a year of self-isolation and introspection, most people are itching to explore and feed their wanderlust.

So, what have travelers been asking for?

Travel with a Purpose. Instead of ticking a box, we are seeing a greater commitment to both the recipient and the donor by choosing to stay at sensitively managed ethical establishments; places where the local communities and, if applicable, wildlife thrive due to careful input and management.