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Exclusive Excerpt: Nonprofit Radio Interview with Melanie Schnoll Begun


If you have ever spent time as a volunteer, board member, or advocate of a nonprofit organization, you will not want to miss this exclusive interview excerpt of Melanie Schnoll Begun, Head of Morgan Stanley Philanthropy Management, on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. During the interview, Melanie highlights five specific areas where you can help a nonprofit organization become more efficient and effective at achieving its charitable mission.

The first, and one of the most important ways you can help a nonprofit, is to fundraise on behalf of your favorite cause. For many, however, this is easier said than done as there are psychological obstacles that must be overcome to fundraise effectively. In addition to discussing how to overcome these psychological obstacles, like fear of rejection, Melanie walks Tony through the power of crafting a public narrative when speaking about a nonprofit whose mission you are passionate about. Once developed, this public narrative can be leveraged to find a common denominator through which you can establish a connection between you, the organization you support, and potential donors.

The next two topics Melanie and Tony discuss are engaging millennials and enhancing board governance. Whether or not you are a millennial yourself, the recent focus of many nonprofits on how they can tap millennials for not only donations but also as new board members, advocates on social media, or volunteers remains highly relevant. As for enhancing board governance, Melanie focuses on how the board you sit on can implement a “Give or Get” policy—whereby board members are expected to either donate or fundraise a specified amount for the organization—and tactfully facilitate the retirement of board members whose tenure has run its course.

The fourth topic Tony and Melanie turn to is the increasingly popular subject of measuring impact and results. Why are metrics becoming so important? What should nonprofits prioritize in their reporting? Are quantitative facts more important than qualitative stories of success? Melanie’s responses to these questions can help you understand why the nonprofits with whom you work are so focused on metrics and how you can help them strike a balance between stats and stories.

Finally, Melanie concludes the interview by discussing strategies for effectively mobilizing a nonprofit’s volunteers. Volunteers and coordinators alike may gain valuable insights from the conversation’s focus on the importance of volunteer training, setting expectations and volunteer accountability. With these and other policies, Melanie explains how an organization can better position itself for success at the onset.

Fundraising. Millennials. Governance. Impact. Volunteers. If your work with or for nonprofits has left you with questions relating to any of these topics or if you are simply interested in learning more about the nonprofit world from an expert, you should listen to the exclusive excerpt and, if interested in learning even more, tune in to the full interview of Melanie Schnoll Begun on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio here.

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