Funding Climate Action: Pathways for Philanthropy

Morgan Stanley and the Aspen Institute partnered on Funding Climate Action: Pathways for Philanthropy, a report designed to help philanthropists overcome barriers to action. Through our association with the Aspen Institute, we hope to shed further light on the key issues in this space, create opportunities for learning and discussion and help our clients refine their philanthropic strategies.

While climate-focused philanthropy has increased significantly in recent years, it is still insufficient relative to the size and urgency of the challenge. The report provides tools and case studies to encourage meaningful conversations and opportunities and to help climate philanthropists act. The report describes five different climate funder archetypes complemented by real-life examples of actual philanthropic leaders and organizations. It provides case studies designed to illustrate different pathways that funders can consider in their own climate journey. It then concludes by offering guiding principles for climate philanthropy that are relevant to emerging and experienced philanthropists.

Morgan Stanley’s association with the Aspen Institute is part of the Firm’s commitment to sustainability. In 2020, Morgan Stanley became the first large U.S. bank to commit to reaching net-zero financed emissions by 2050. The Firm also committed to mobilizing $1 trillion by 2030 for sustainable solutions that support environmental and social solutions.

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Funding Climate Action: Pathways for Philanthropy

CRC 5464176 03/23