5 Ways to Navigate a Post-Pandemic Life

Many of us have coped with the stressful challenges from the pandemic by investing in healthy living habits. Now, this focus on wellness can support us as we transition to a “new normal.”

When restrictions relax, we can expect life to include a blend of elements from before and during the pandemic. For example, you might be going into the office once or twice a week, but still attend regular virtual Zoom meetings.

As you ease into your post-pandemic routine, healthy habits can help you stay resilient. Below are five ways to maintain a sense of calm and conquer stress as you navigate an ever-changing status quo.

1. Take Advantage of Socializing

Even if you stayed in touch with people online or on the phone during the pandemic, in-person connection can reduce stress and boost your sense of well-being.

Socializing improves your quality of life, your cognition, and reduces the risk of health threats like dementia, heart disease, and stroke.1, 2 Staying connected with others in person – whether at a restaurant, a neighborhood gathering, or other event – may help you feel more confident and less lonely.

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2. Stick to an Exercise Schedule

Ample evidence shows exercise can help you feel and function better. Even small amounts may boost your overall health and may reduce the risk of many diseases.3

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3. Establish a Meditation Routine

Meditating regularly may help you stay calm and balanced as you adjust to a busier schedule.4 Prioritizing this practice, which focuses on breathing and mindfulness, is key to better managing your growing to-do list. Meditation comes in many forms, but most require four primary elements: a quiet location, a comfortable posture, focused attention and an open attitude.

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4. Get Enough Sleep

Stress may cause insomnia and, in turn, not getting enough sleep can cause more stress. Lack of sleep may lead to a range of issues like fatigue, depression, and a lack of concentration.5

To get more rest at night, try avoiding caffeine and large meals before bedtime. Create a sleeping space that is comfortable, dark and free of distractions like electronics such as televisions and smartphones.

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5. Turn to Professionals

You may have had feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety during the pandemic, and you were not alone.6 Those feelings may persist even as the pandemic comes to an end. If you continue to struggle with mental health issues, talk to a professional therapist or psychiatrist for support.

You should also plan to reschedule any routine healthcare visits you may have put off during the pandemic because of in-person restrictions.

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The Bottom Line

We are bound to face new challenges as we return to new routines post pandemic. Take the time to establish and prioritize healthy habits to set yourself up for success!


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