5 Tips for Keeping Yourself Balanced

There’s a saying that time is the ultimate luxury. To find time, become more productive, and build in space to recharge are not easy feats and are luxuries in these days of being hyper-connected 24/7. Finding time for the things that leave you energized, motivated and balanced seems to be one of the more challenging tasks to be faced in our overcommitted lives. To that end, we reached out to some of our Reserved colleagues to learn some of their insights into how they find balance and mindfulness in the face of busy lives with career, family and community.

Marshall, Loyalty and Millenial Marketing


Having a dog provides endless opportunities to keep me active, provide time to think, and find pure unconditional love.  I try to run with my dog, Chappie, to keep myself in shape, but even just walking her several times a day provides at least a minimum amount of exercise when I don’t have time for anything else.  While walking, especially late at night, it gives me time to both reflect on the various problems of the day and escape from them.  And no matter how hard a day I may have had, I come home to be greeted by a companion that is incredibly excited to see me and wants nothing more than to cuddle up, no matter what TV channel I turn on.

Tanya, Production Supervisor

I use journaling to help keep me balanced. I journal at least twice a day. The mornings provide me with a good solid plan for the rest of my day so that I start out with a positive outlook. My night sessions allow me to decompress and write out any anxiety and stress that might have accumulated in the course of the day, which allows me to have a more restful night’s sleep.

AT Cross

I use high quality pens and journals, since there's nothing like bookending my day with a bit of luxury. Our partner AT Cross has a wonderful selection of beautiful pens to help you capture your thoughts with elegance.

Bridget, Account Executive

When I need to disconnect, I turn to my mat. If I'm feeling sluggish or mentally spent or have stress in my life, I know that 20-90 minutes on my yoga mat breathing will help me reset. Yoga has so many varieties (hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, kundalini) that defragment and benefit my life. There are intensity workouts and peaceful meditations—sometimes all I must do is focus on maintaining rhythmic breathing. I like to keep my workouts varied through biking and swimming as well, but one thing I don’t need much variety in is my diet. I’m a vegetarian and eat avocado, salad, and veggie tacos for most of my meals. To me, this is the equivalent of Mark Zuckerberg's wearing the same outfit every day. If it works, don’t change it!

The Red Door Spa

A new resource that I have found to better my soul is an app called DEED, which is a quick and easy way to volunteer in your local community. I volunteered with a program called America Needs You (ANY) that helps coach young disadvantaged first-time college applicants.

Recently, I treated myself to a microdermabrasive facial at The Red Door, one of our Reserved partners. It was luxurious and a new routine that I will use to keep my skin looking young. 

Jim, New Partner Lead

Time with family provides the balance I need. From a young age, I was taught the importance of quality time with family. My father even alternated kids (and my mother) on business trips to spend more time with us.

Since I can work from just about anywhere, whenever the kids are not in school, we relocate to Steamboat Springs, CO. The time zone difference allows me to wake up early for work and then have time in the late afternoon and early evening to spend with the family. Everyone in the family loves to ski, hike, and bike, so we incorporate activity into our time together, and there is something about being in the mountains that rejuvenates the soul.

It is aso important that I give back to the community. I have a passion for lacrosse, and I spend much of my free time coaching youth teams and recruiting new players to the sport. My work on this front has been rewarding beyond my wildest expectations.

Wendy, Head of Loyalty and Millennial Marketing

With life dominated by a busy career, I love to do anything that keeps me active during the day, from walking to work to having a standing desk and, when time allows, running, biking, and swimming.  The more I move, the better I feel inside and out. When I'm running, I get to be with people I love while also being in my head, solving problems and communing with nature (mostly in Central Park).


I also find ways to fit in other activities I am passionate about, such as nonprofit board service at Metropolitan College of New York, which was founded by my mother! I have completed 10 NYC Marathons and over 60 Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons with many close friends in support of MCNY. Best days are when I can do something active with friends and family for a cause. And, of course, to help me unwind, there is wine. (Count on our wine partner International Wine Merchants to keep favorite varietals in stock.)

I have treated myself twice to Canyon Ranch, and my favorite vacation ever was a Backroads trip with my husband in Burgundy, France—both great retreats that left me reinvigorated to return to city life and all its demands. Most importantly, I am lucky that my grown children live close enough (and still want) to come for alternating Sunday dinners. 

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